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Beer on tap

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are my kids allowed at the brewery? 

Yes, we are family friendly.

2. Is my dog allowed at the brewery?

Yes, we allow dogs inside and outside.

3. Do you sell food? 

No, but we do have food trucks Friday-Sunday

4. Can I bring my own food? 

Absolutely, all outside food and snacks are welcome.

5. Why is there a $30 hold on my card? Anytime you open a tab we assess a $30 hold on the account to verify funds. The charge will turn in to your actual charge on the next  business day.

6. Do you sell wine or liquor? We are currently unable to sell wine or liquor because of local regulations.

7. Can I bring my own alcohol? No, customers are not allowed to bring outside alcohol on site.

8.Do you sell gift cards? 

Yes, we do sell gift cards.

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